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The penalty puts Ramsey one away from an ejection now. It was a bad missed call by the officials, who already helped the Steelers by not ejecting Maurkice Pouncey in the first quarter after he pushed an official.Cheap Sports Jerseys. Officiating has been questionable during the postseason, and this call is just going to be one of many that go onto what’s been a bad highlight reel.The Jaguars play with a lot of energy and attitude on defense. Ramsey and others will have to hedge a bit in the second half if the referees are going to be this loose with the whistle.Everyone knows that Vikings fans hate the Packers. They don’t care for the Bears or the Lions, either. But what may surprise you is that Minnesota fans carry the same level of loathing for the New Orleans Saints as they do for teams in their own division.Discount Jerseys.The Saints obviously relished knocking an NFC South rival, the Panthers, out of the playoffs in the Wild Card Round this year. And their fans despise the Falcons and the Buccaneers. But the Vikings bring up a whole lot of painful memories for Saints diehards.It reached a fever pitch the last time these teams met in the postseason: the NFC Championship Game following the 2009 season. Only three current players — Drew Brees and punter Thomas Morstead for the Saints, and defensive end Brian Robison for the Vikings — even played in that game.Youth Football Jerseys.But as the two teams get ready to face off in Minnesota in the Divisional Round this weekend, it’s all very fresh in both fan bases’ minds.


New Orleans has not performed well in Minnesota, going 3-13 all-time on the road in their series history.Cheap Football Jerseys.There’s particular salt from the Saints fan base for a few reasons. For starters, the 1987 season was something special for New Orleans, finishing 12-3 and hosting the then 8-7 Vikings at the Superdome. They fell flat on their faces in the team’s first-ever postseason appearance, as Minnesota pummeled them.Once they finally notched their first franchise playoff victory in the 2000 season by upsetting the Rams, a date awaited them in Minnesota in which they got crushed by Randy Moss and Cris Carter.Custom Jerseys.Many fans are also still upset over the 2008 Monday Night Football game, which had a little bit of everything in it.It took the Saints 20 years in the NFL to even post a single winning season. They finished 12-3 in 1987, and the Vikings — who barely finished above .500 — marched into New Orleans and handed the Saints a 44-10 beatdown.The Saints made the postseason for the fifth time in team history Cheap Authentic Jerseys,after the 2000 season. They got their first-ever playoff win over the Rams in the Wild Card Round, only to find themselves up against the Vikings again in divisional play. Minnesota delivered another early exit from the playoffs with a 34-16 win over the Saints.And that Monday Night Football loss during the 2008 season that Hendrix mentioned? China Jerseys.That was a 30-27 punch to the gut that came on a Ryan Longwell field goal with just 16 seconds left in the game.But the game that really fanned the flames of animosity between these two teams was the NFC Championship after the 2009 season.

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