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NFL Jerseys Cheap.Romo has not taken any live snaps since late August, when he injured his back in a preseason contest with the Seattle Seahawks. Since then, the story is well known. Rookie fourth-round pick Prescott came on in relief and led Dallas to a 13-2 record and the No. 1 seed in the NFC. His 68 percent completion rate and exceptionally high touchdown-to-interception ratio (23-to-4) have placed him firmly in the conversation for rookie of the year alongside running back Ezekiel Elliott.Romo has been a good soldier in the background. After a heartfelt concession speech in mid-November upon his return, Romo has been largely silent; a cheerleader and mentor for Prescott as he continues to win games.Authentic Football Jerseys.The move answers a few lingering questions raised by Romo’s return. Most notably, would he prefer to play in mop-up time and get the game reps? Or, is he confident enough in his ability to allow Sanchez to clean up the remainder of the regular season?Romo has not played in an NFL regular-season game since Nov. 26, 2015.Coach Jason Garrett’s dilemma was thought of as a no-win situation for weeks. Should he keep Prescott in and get him injured, he would be responsible for harpooning Dallas’ best shot at a Super Bowl in years. Should he play Romo, he would stand accused of robbing Prescott of valuable in-game experience. Though Prescott has shown an incredible maturity and poise for his age, there are still many different weapons opposing defenses have not used against him yet.Cheap Jerseys From China.

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